Need Your Opinion

I need your input, guys. Do you think I should branch out on this blog? Like make it more of a life blog? I mean, I can only write and you guys can only read so many articles about niqab. I began like that because I felt I needed to write about that, but now it might make more sense to do something else as well?

Tell me below!


3 thoughts on “Need Your Opinion”

  1. as salaam alaikum,

    I could probably read about niqab 24/7/365 but I’m sure I’m a tiny minority.

    Branch out. Niqab isn’t the whole purpose of your life on this planet and I am sure it is not the only thing worthy of your writing. 🙂


  2. Write about what interests you, and what you feel about most. You can add bits and pieces of your life too, since many people here are interested in meeting new people and they could do with knowing more about your life. 🙂

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  3. how about a story blog highlighting the importance of niqaab as well as other important aspects of Islaam as stories are a much more entertaining and easier read then normal blogs. Its nice to know there are others so passionate about the niqaab.


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